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Corpus Christi


Can you Escape?

You’ve got 60 Min. to Escape. Are you up to the challenge?

the castle room escape game

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The Asylum

Difficulty: 9/10            Time: 60 min                 Persons: 10 max
The Heist escape room game in Corpus Christi Texas

Coming Soon!

The Heist

Can you pull it off?

Time: 60 min                 Persons: 10 max

Look no further than The Great Escape of C.C. Specializing in Corporate and team building events.

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Friend, Family

Looking for ways to engage your team, boost morale and build lasting camaraderie? Try the most popular thing to do on your vacation in Corpus Christi.

Individual & Group play

Come be a part of the most unique experiences Corpus Christ has to offer.


Put down your controllers and join us for a real life challenge. The time has been set – You have 60 min. to escape – Do you have what it takes?




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diamond heist quest game
panic room escape game